This small information wants to be one or the other already known, but for all those who are far from being on the platform, these tips might be helpful!. If you need an easy way to get more starcoins, free vip and else, you can visit :



Make a Lot Of Movie ?

Make sure you have a lot of movies, with a lot of movies i am sure everyone that came to your profile will watch it,  at least once! So you get more fame points when friends were looking your movies.

Change Name!

They say, if you create a movie star name with $ or! at begins, you are on the first page as possible, isn’t it great . Whether it’s true! I do not know: D

Downloaded the app!

If you have the MSP-app, then you can get a lot of mega Fame when you play the game there. For each ” wipe ” 1 Fame.

Movie Star 2.0

It’s crazy but true and I bet one or the other followed this thing ever! : D

I have made inquiries, and many thought that you simply can create multiple Movie Stars and then create the movies, art books etc . Link each moviestars so you will get free Fame exchange from it.

Play games !

If you  get bored and you have no idea what you should do there on MSP ? Then play the games and trying to be the winner, in this way you win a lot of  Fame points :)


HOW TO EARN Starcoins?

We know it but really all? No Starcoins – No shopping spree! But who says that your only way is to buy  a VIP – package with many Starcoins? With these tricks you will slightly richer without buying vip.

Shot number wheel?

As you already know, the number wheel for normal users and VIPs appear 1x daily. Dont Let that one turn  miss, because this is the beginning of earning free Starcoins!

Visit Movie Stars with lots of animals!

A great tip, and especially a fast! On the top left of ” High Scores ” and then click ” premises ” goes to the right column and look for you a room. In my case it is the area of ​​” lie13 ” she has many boonies with her, which you can pat all and so each 1-3 coins earned. Sounds a little, but if you do it in several rooms, you might get about 1-2000 SC together :)

Do you know the latest movie?

Seek out a movie star of the possible has a high level and Just take the films of them. For each film you watch you get also SC! and if you have no desire for long movies, then you look at short films (KF) they take 20 seconds or less  :) but most of them only 10 :)

Become Movie Actor!

Why watch films from other moviestar, if you can do it yourself ?

Make a Movie or (KF), so your friends can see them! So you deserve also SC :) make sure that getting a high number (I think it just go 6) of Movie Stars play! More Actor-SC more!

I hope I could help you, and I know that many know these tips, but it can not hurt to write this :)


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