Today i will share about Fifa 15 Best Latest Feature. I really love this game, but i have to be honest, i love using Fifa 15 Hack to win every game . Yea i admid it, 2 weeks ago i found really working Fifa 15 Coin Generator. with this tool i can generate as much coin as i need , without spending time and money. Okay thats the real story, now lets we talk about this game best feature .

Incredible visuals

FIFA 15 brings an extraordinary player detail, face with high detail, the character models look strong and athletic, kit or costume that is able to move realistically and able to change according to the environment could be soiled with mud and grass during the game. With such a detailed animation that gamers will feel the amazing sensation of a game.


Not only the players who live, stage also made more alive. Stadium in FIFA 15 is able to present the lively atmosphere of the stadium filled with emotion game. A flag of supporters were seen moving, debris – visible debris field, LED lights moving billboards also carry the right atmosphere – really live on FIFA 15.

    Player control

Agility and control players in FIFA 15 allows players to feel the difference of non-star players and star players. FIFA 15 gives sense to control the world’s best players. Various recent control presented as the latest features of FIFA15, balance control as a player, a touch closer when the ball, response and greater personality for superstar players. Gamers can also perform control of the player when carrying the ball well when sprint or when looking for loopholes in touch situations covered.


Sensation when man to man or dealing one on one to become more pronounced. Banish your opponent, keep the ball and hold the ball terhadapa serbuah or disruption of opposing players become more pronounced. The player is able to withstand the opponent with his shoulder. Even when pulled by an opponent kit will also look more real with cloth technology. FIFA 15 changed the way gamers to compete for the ball.

Dribbling and control system overhauled by FIFA to provide a more responsive impact. Players will look more alive when spun dribbling, passing through the enemy, taking touches the ball or even when blocking shots to block the ball.

Unmatched authenticity

FIFA 15 is supported by provide match day live news about the latest football and the recent actions of the club or of the league’s favorite rolling.


FIFA 15 also comes with the most popular league in the world’s most authentic with 20 stages from each league, authentic audio and commentary and more than 200 models of the latest player. Latest up date of each club and the players presented in FIFA 15.

 Game modes

FIFA 15 has the FIFA Ultimate Team game mode. This game mode allows gamers can experience a new way of playing the game of football. FUT allows gamers to play, manage and conduct of trade (transfer) with dibangunya team.


Another mode of FIFA 15 is the career mode. This mode allows gamers to more skilled and choose a team to play into a championship team to get the prize. Managing a team, find a player and superstar to guide the club more authentic.

Thus the latest features of FIFA 15, if gamers want to feel the sensation of a real football game FIFA 15 could only.

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