Games 2048 to be one of the many games played by users of mobile devices. Games that were born in March 2014 by an Italian developer Cirulli Gabriele is indeed quite interesting to play to kill time’.

One magnet of this game is the difficulty of combining boxes that figure totaled 2048. The following is a partial tricks that can be used when playing in 2048.

1. Understand How Moving Boxes

The game has four main movements up, down, left and right. Each box will have up-to-side movement of the tip which is available on the selected direction of movement of players.

If there are several numbers are the same then the merger will occur at the very end of the box. Do not forget there will be two options 2 and 4 which will appear every move made.

2. Do not be tempted Box Score Big

Often we geregetan to quickly get large numbers in the boxes are available in this game. The pursuit of large numbers is the goal of this game, but do not then go crazy every box with large numbers that can be combined because the merger could even be troublesome next step.

3. Collect the Great Figures Angle

Select one of the corners that will be used as a warehouse large numbers boxin order to make it easier to regulate the movement of the game. Make a motion that box 2 or 4 new figures appear to be in the middle position so easy to set up and driven to the corner.

So more easily, choose the top or bottom line that will be the focal point during the game. If you select the top box then avoid shifting down unless forced to, and vice versa so as not to damage the boxes that figure is set.

4. Prepare Strategy Long

This section may seem excessive, but this section is one important part of the strategy of a puzzle 2048. Prior to predict movements also possible next step going to be done after that.

5. Relax and Think

A little difficult to determine the best measures undertaken in this game under certain conditions. Well, the good do not rush when placing or combining existing boxes in this game.

6. Select Movement Box Can Be Many Merged

Sometimes the numbers that appear on the screen so confusing and looks similar. Examine which are roughly can provide results more merging into one movement that empty space that could be utilized more.

These tips will not guarantee you are going to merain big points and win the game 2048. Therefore, one important part in this game the player is rigor and foresight in looking at any opportunities that might be exploited. good luck

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