GTA 5 latest update : No more mod. Bad news for fans of the game Grand Theft Auto V , now no more mod can be applied to GTA 5. In the update, which was launched on Thursday (05.30.15) yesterday, Rockstar have improved the Hook V Script program used by the modder to implement mod-mod-made them into the game. Without the program, mod will not function.

gtamod 2

Although it has been prevented by Rockstar, the modder still have other ways if you want to implement them into the game mod GTA V. explained that to make the desired mod function, players must first download a version of GTA V game that has not been updated. Unfortunately, this method can only be performed in offline mode only. If done in the online mode, the player account may be banned by Rockstar because they have violated the rules.

gta 5 pc

Since launchedĀ  on 14 April 2015 , theĀ  GTA V game have been met by a wide variety of themed mod ranging from eccentric to one that makes the game interesting. But because it cant be run on online mode, so it useless. The other way to enjoy this game easily is by using a GTA 5 HACK Online generator. This type of online gta 5 generator can easily add game resources to your account. You can found GTA 5 Online Hack on this website link :

There is always a way for us to enjoy our game in different way , its considered cheating, but as you know its still chalengging.


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